In addition to the products in our catalogue Spectrum Hose Ltd also supply;

Hydraulics Hose Assemblies    for Construction & Plant Machinery, Bull Dozers, Tele-handlers, Cherry Pickers, Injection Moulding, Farm Machinery, Cranes, Forklifts,  Presses, Lifts, Boats…
Vehicle Hoses
  Hose & Fittings for; Cars, Motor bikes, Trucks & Lorries, Buses & Coaches, Military Vehicles, Crash-Tenders, Civil Defense Vehicles, Dustcarts, Forklifts & Jet-Packs…

Hydraulic Adaptors   Nipples, Male/ Females, Elbows, Tees, Bushes Blanking caps & Plugs…
Hydraulic Couplings & Valves 
Quick Release Couplings, Valves, Working Swivels, Pressure Gauges & Seals
Hydraulic Oil & Lubricants 
Fuel Hygiene Products
Hydraulic Compression Fittings & Tube
Industrial Hose & Fittings Agricultural Hose & Fittings
Irrigation & Watering
RWC Sharkbite Aluminium Air Ringmain system. RWC have teamed up with inventor and TV mechanic Edd China who has featured Sharkbite on his Youtube series, “Edd China’s workshop Diaries.”
Click here to watch Edd install some Sharkbite in his workshop.
Victaulic Fittings
Fire Suppression  Tubing, Compression Fittings, Valves & Hoses
Clips & Clamps
Workshop Consumables

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