Policy Statement

Company Quality and Environmental Statement

It is the policy of Spectrum Hose Ltd to establish, maintain and improve an effective Quality and Environmental Management System that meets the Company’s requirements, those of ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
The nature of the Company’s activities places particular emphasis on safety, reliability, quality and the effects it has on the environment.
The Company, by employing dedicated personnel with appropriate experience and training; by ensuring that all work meets contractual, environmental and regulatory requirements; by ascertaining that the product supplied is fit for the intended purpose and meets the performance, safety, environmental and reliability requirements of Customers, will improve our performance.
The Company is firmly committed to protecting the global environment by the control of its office and factory environment and in the purchase and disposal of materials over which it has control or influence.
The Company and its staff comply with all existing legislation and regulations in the work that they carry out, are responsible for or can influence.
The Quality and Environmental Manual explains the requirements for the achievement of quality and the protection of the environment.
Quality and Environmental objectives are regularly established, published, monitored and reviewed. All staff are expected to be aware of and work towards achieving them.
This Management System is under the control of the Managing Director. The Managing Director has the authority to investigate non-conformances to the system and change any procedures, if necessary, to maintain and improve our policy of providing the highest standard of product and of protecting the global environment in which we work.
The Managing Director is fully committed to the maintenance, review and improvement of the Company’s Quality and Environmental Management System.

Issued and approved by the Managing Director

Paul Rutter

Policy Statement 2023