Hydraulic Adaptors

Hydraulic Adaptors:
Nipples, Elbows, Tees, Reducing Bushes, Sockets, Male-Female, Blanking Plugs & Caps, Restrictors.

Threads suplied,
BSP. British Standard Pipe. Parallel know as G or “Gas” thread. 60° Cone seat  More Info
BSPT. British Standard Pipe Taper. Tapered thread known as R.O
SAE. Society of Automotive Engineers. American parallel thread.
JIC. Joint Industry Council. American thread standard sometimes refered to as AN (Areonautical-Navy), uses SAE thread form with a 37° flared seating surface.
ORFS. O Ring Face Seal. Uses SAE thread form, seals using an O Ring recessed into a channel in the flat end of the male thread.
NPTF. National Pipe Thread Taper Fuel. American tapered thread, also known as Dryseal American National Standard Taper Pipe Thread. More info
METRIC. European & Japanese threads, 60° cone seat and 24° seat for compression fittings.
JIS. Japanese standard that uses BSP threads with a reversed cone seat,  some Metric threads also come with a reversed 60° cone seat.
NPSM. American parallel thread similar to BSP but different pitches.

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