Vehicle & Transport

Rubber Radiator Hose in straight lengths
Silicone radiator hose in straight lengths and moulded elbows

Goodridge stainless steel brake hoses
Kunifer (copper-nickel alloy) brake lines, corrosion resistant, superior to copper tube and easier to shape than mild steel.

Fuel Hoses.

We stock;
SAE J30R9 fuel injection hose suitable for E20 Petrol & B20 Diesel, 8 & 10mm bore.

Cohline 2192 Black rubber fuel hose to DIN 73379-2A. E10 & B10 compatible.

Cohline 2122 Texile overbraid fuel hose. E10 & B10 compatible.

Cohline 2122.13 Galvanised steel overbraided fuel hose.

Cohline 2240 Fuel Hose, to DINĀ  73379-3E which is fully compatible with Petrol up to E100 and Diesel in mixture with up to 100% Rapeseed Methyl Ester, Hydro Treated Vegetable Oil, fatty Acid Methyl Ester & Soya Methyl Ester.

We can produce fuel hose with PTFE lining and stainless steel overbraid.

Goodridge & Earls Oil/ fuel hose, fittings & adaptors.
Oil cooler hoses, black rubber or stainless steel overbraided.

Oil coolers.
Facet fuel pumps & accessories.
Air suspension hose & fittings.
Silicone vacuum hoses.
Re-manufacture Power Steering Hose (Please call first) .
Air brake hoses.
Clips & clamps
Ford Cargo/ Horsebox power steering & brake hoses ( Please call first )

We can now re-manufacture some Air Conditioning Hoses if you are traveling to see us please call first so we can determine if we can help you.

We also re-manufacture some Power Hood Hydraulic Hoses, please call first and we may need you to send a photo of the damaged hose to determine if we can help you.

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