Power Steering Hoses

Most Power Steering Hoses assemblies fail when the flexible rubber hose gets worn through or bursts due to ageing.
We can re-manufacture most Power Steering Hose Assemblies reusing the original steel ends. This can take some time and is not usually a while you wait service.

Failed Power Steering Hose assembly bought in for us to repair.

Power Steering Hose After







Hose assembly manufactured reusing original ends

Power Steering Hose After







Please note due to the way they are made we can not remake power steering hoses for;

Some Ford Fiesta & Transits.
Peugot 406.

Citroen Zara Picasso. You shouldn’t have bought such a terrible car 😉
Some Mercedes SLK.
Audi A4 & A8 00’s. (We have been able to remake some of these but due to their very complex nature and the amount of work and machining they are quite expenive to do)

Please call first 01494 524332